Dmytro Shevchuk’s review on book: В. Туренко “Рання грецька філософія: рефлексії про політику і право”

The period of ancient philosophy that Vitaliy Turyenko refers to is often called “pre-classical,” “early,” or “pre-Socratic.” This era is quite controversial, at least in terms of how it should be correctly named. Turyenko himself avoids using the term “pre-Socratics,” as this designation is based on many “scientific clichés” regarding the period of ancient philosophy, which chronologically spans from the 7th century BCE to 399 BCE (the death of Socrates). For his research, the author develops a methodology consisting of several elements. First, there is doxography, which involves both the presentation of the thoughts and views of early Greek philosophers in the works of later authors (such as Plato and Aristotle) and a concise systematic exposition of past philosophical teachings.