International Conference “AGORA: discussions on political issues in Europe”
The conference will be devoted to the main political issues of contemporary Europe. . During the conference, attention will be focused on the experience of European countries in building democratic political communities. Discussions will focus on the possibilities of implementing the experience of the European Union in Ukraine. Furthermore, it can be used as a platform to exchange the research results conducted by scientists from different fields of science and EU countries. The expected result of this conference is establishing contacts and partnerships between research groups from different scientific and academic institutions.

Panel discussion: “War in Ukraine as Challenge for Europe” 
Ukrainian scientists and experts from EU countries will participate in the discussion. Issues of the causes and consequences of Russian aggression, ways of rebuilding Ukraine and the formation of a new European security system will be considered. The discussion will take place within the framework of the Days of Science of the NaUOA.

International “Conference Ukraine’s way to EU: challenges and possibilities”
The International Conference “Conference Ukraine’s way to EU: challenges and possibilities” will became a forum for researchers, journalists, NGO’s activists to discuss the actual issues of eurointegration processes in Ukraine. The main issues of conference: Ukraine–European Union relations; Accession of Ukraine to the European Union; Ukraine eurointegration strategy; Reforms in Ukraine; Re-bulding process of Ukraine after war; Ukraine and the EU: scenarios of European integration. This conference is a forum, which provides academics and researchers with the opportunity to assemble and exchange knowledge and insights concerning the cross-disciplinary field of media studies and European studies. Also it can be used as platform to exchange the results of researches which are conducted by scientists from different countries (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Georgia, Czech Republic, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal).

International Conference “European Union: building the leadership in changing world”
This conference will be the final scientific event. It will be a forum for presenting the results of the project and discussing the prospects for its continuation. Participants from EU countries will be invited to participate in the conference, as well as government representatives, journalists, and public figures.

Panel discussion “European democracy and challenges of populism”
One of the problems of modern politics is the spread of populism. The task of this panel discussion will be to understand the essence of populism as a political phenomenon and its modern features, as well as to analyze the extent to which populism threatens the values and principles of European politics, which have been formed over many centuries and determine the moral foundations of European political culture. The panel discussion will take place within the framework of the days of science of the NaUOA. Experts and scientists from Ukraine and EU countries will be invited to participate.