Agora. Social Sciences Journal. Volume 1, Issue 2

In this issue of the journal, the majority of studies focus on various aspects of information policy both in the context of media and the functioning of different organizations. Using the example of the “Ukrainer” project, the evolution of travel narratives is analyzed in the context of expanding inclusivity, while the “Insider Media” platform investigates military content in regional online media. Studying the organizational structures of modern enterprises has contributed to a better understanding of various organizational paradigms that shape the contemporary business landscape and determine their functionality. Using a problem-targeted approach, challenges and opportunities of information-communication policy in universities, inherent in the modern educational environment, are examined, shedding light on strategies used to improve the performance of higher education institutions. By unraveling the complex relationship between media consumption habits and social identity, the author of the study draws attention to the role of media hygiene in shaping individual and collective social identities. Through these multifaceted studies, we strive to contribute to discussions that illuminate the complex fabric of contemporary Ukrainian society.