About Project

Project number: 101127113
Project name: Studies of Principles and Values of European Politics from Pericles to Modern Times
Project acronym: POLIS

Project duration: 01 November 2023 – 31 October 2026

European politics is based on the solid principles and values created throughout history. That’s why we decided to investigate and present these values and principles within the Jean Monnet Module from the time of Pericles to current EU policies. Political values play a significant role in creating the European political order. The EU institutions use values to bind a European community together and justify political actions. On the other hand, political values and principles present the foundations of EU identity.

The specific objectives of the project are:

– to develop and implement in the educational process a module dedicated to the studies of principles and values of European politics, which will allow students to get acquainted with the main principles, concepts, and practical cases;

– to actualize the problem of European politics in scientific research of the European Union and its policy to ensure the European identity of Ukrainian peoples and create space for dialogue about EU integration of Ukraine;

– to popularize European values to form the political culture of Ukraine based on European principles, which will provide solutions to the problems of Ukrainian society and strengthen the development of democratic institutions.

The present Jean Monnet Module includes 3 teaching courses for students (“Introduction to European Politics: origins, principles, values”, “Policies of the European Union”, “European politics for future: lessons to Ukraine”); 3 didactic materials for the courses and 1 informational guide “The political ‘alphabet’ of EU”; website “POLIS: Studies of principles and values of European politics from Pericles to modern times”; podcast “POLIS: principles and values of European politics from Pericles to modern times”; 2 peer-reviewed articles, based on research made in this project; 3 international conferences, dedicated to the issues of European politics, EU policies, Ukrainian political culture, and modern challenges; 3 panel discussions with experts from Ukraine and EU countries; workshop about EU policies for public authorities, representatives of local self-government institutions, journalists and media experts.